Airborne! The Quad has flown!

Title says it all, yesterday evening the bugger flew! Not very majestically, or gracefully at that, but it flew. Oh, it crashed too, quite a few times actually. Quite a sturdy frame. The whole thing is as of yet un-tweaked and calibrated only so-so, which, in combination with my non-existing flying skills turned out not to be such a good combination. Still…. It flew, sort of! Until some bolts shook loose and an engine nearly came of. Bad stuff that, dismounting engines. Aircraft tend to ‘exit the flight envelope’ if that happens, which is just a fancy way of saying that they crash. That’s what happened in the end. An engine shook itself out of it’s mounting, the spinning prop hit the frame and broke (the prop, not the frame)

The movie was shot yesterday. Today, after having replaced the propeller and thread-locked the screws & bolts in place, I took her out for a spin again. No camera this time, since I have yet to receive the camera that will be used for that. No time to do tuning & tweaking of the MultiWii software, so just fly her! Getting to know her, and getting a bit of a feeling for flying RC-aircraft. Things went better this time. Taking of was way easier if you just remember to give a lot of throttle to get the Quad to clear the ground, before it has some altitude it is being bothered by its own propwash. So: take of fast and quickly.

After quite a few hops (and a flight through a tree, by accident I must confess) this exercise also was stopped by a broken propeller. Good thing I ordered spares.

Anyway… It Flew, and I’m quite happy with that 🙂

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