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Second brain finished.

Since I got too anxious flying the glass fiber frame I bought (for fear of destroying it) I set out to build a second quad, but this time I want the frame to be made from materials that are readily available from hardware store’s, so that, in the event of a fatal crash (fatal for …

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The sound of silence

It’s been somewhat quiet at the Quad front. The reason for this is that I am quite afraid to crash my beautiful frame from Because, damn, do I suck at flying :). So, plans have hatched to create another one, but with a simple aluminium X-frame that I can go out and buy more of …

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Trimming helped!

After having trimmed the quad, all seems to be quite a lot more controllable. Apart from some glitches in the pilot (who now and then panics and just closes the throttle, turning the quad into an expensive brick), and a possible glitch in stable-mode (after a while it seems to lose calibration and just drift …

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Airborne! The Quad has flown!

Title says it all, yesterday evening the bugger flew! Not very majestically, or gracefully at that, but it flew. Oh, it crashed too, quite a few times actually. Quite a sturdy frame. The whole thing is as of yet un-tweaked and calibrated only so-so, which, in combination with my non-existing flying skills turned out not …

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Picknick bij het Buurse Meertje

Daar opa en oma Rodenburg op een camping in de buurt staan, wordt er flink gebruik gemaakt van de mogelijkheden die er zijn om samen wat dingen te ondernemen, er hoeft nu immers geen 150 Km gereden te worden om ze eventjes te zien. Dat werd dus picknicken bij het Buurse Meertje. Na enige gespeel …

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Progress! Almost done (-ish)

We’re almost there! Really! Just some loose ends, but all in all, only one thing is keeping me from flying, and that is a power harness. The Avionics, the part of the Quad that is doing all the hard stuff to keep the thing under control,  are done: The Avionics board has been fastened onto …

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Size impression & Todo list

While there is still quite a lot to do, at least the frame, engines and props can be fitted together to get an impression of how big the beast is going to be. Turns out it’s actually quite big. To give an idea of the actual size: The tiles on which the quad is standing …

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Over uit bed vallen.

Sinds we terug zijn van vakantie slaapt Ruben zonder uit-bed-val-hekje op z’n bed. Dit gaat meestal goed, maar heel af en toe is er nog een “Bonk….whèèè”-moment. We hebben er vanaf vandaag een nieuwe bij: De “Bonk…*snurk*”-variant.

New brain ordered, and some soldering

I’ve ordered a new brain! For the Quad that is. At first I ‘ll try to fly it with the Arduino Uno, but later on I’ll move to the Arduino Pro Mini This little board is about a third of the size of the Uno.   Also, I tried my hand at soldering again, I’ve got …

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Another BIG parcel!

Today another parcel arrived. A big one. From Conrad. Which was kind of weird, as I had only ordered some small parts. Two prop-balancers (two, as Friend R. is building his own multicopter, and needed one too), and an adapter connector for the Turnigy Accucell 6 LiPo charger. Upon opening the package, a great deal …

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