If you build it like a tank…

OK, Long overdue update since the last ‘almost ready to fly’ post.The craft was almost ready to fly, and it has flown. With only one caveat.

Repeat after me: If you build it like a tank, it will fly like a tank. And tanks don’t fly all too well.

Weight, weight, weight, weight, those are the four most important words in quadcopter world. And I violated that rule. The quad was way too heavy, and upon impacting with the ground on it’s maiden flight it managed to stay in tact, but destroy two of the four motors. More mass means more kinetic energy means more energy to be dissipated in a crash… And with the frame build like a tank, and the earth not inclined to alter it’s course around the sun, something had to give, and that something where the props and engines.

So… Next frame, a Flyduino┬ábody with german 1 mm thick 10*10 aluminium tubing.

Sometime this lifetime, I plan to actually fly. I’ve started using simulators which can be connected to my RC to practice, better to crash on screen than in real life!

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