Category: Astrophotography

North America Nebula

So I made this somewhere in April 2015. Could it use more data? Sure. Could it use more PixInsight-foo? Sure. But this is what I have, and I’m sticking with it!

Saturn Baby!

So there she is, my first capture of Saturn. I could use some optics between my camera and the telescope to enlarge the total area of sensor used, because it still is only a very small dot. But alas! The rings are visible (or should I use singular as it appears to be only one …

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First Light, Orion Nebula

A couple of days back we had a clear night. So out came the telescope, and the first efforts to get the thing aligned and tracking right commenced! Orion was the target, and after having made a single 10 seconds exposure and seeing Orion appear on the screen of the camera I was dancing around …

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Bought a telescope

So… after having had a dormant interest in astrophotography I took the plunge. Bought a second hand telescope and mount. Let the skies be clear and the nights be cold. Ehrm, not too sure about that last part.   Details: Orion 200 mm F4.9 Newtonian reflector Celestron CG5-GT