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Size impression & Todo list

While there is still quite a lot to do, at least the frame, engines and props can be fitted together to get an impression of how big the beast is going to be. Turns out it’s actually quite big. To give an idea of the actual size: The tiles on which the quad is standing …

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New brain ordered, and some soldering

I’ve ordered a new brain! For the Quad that is. At first I ‘ll try to fly it with the Arduino Uno, but later on I’ll move to the Arduino Pro Mini This little board is about a third of the size of the Uno.   Also, I tried my hand at soldering again, I’ve got …

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Another BIG parcel!

Today another parcel arrived. A big one. From Conrad. Which was kind of weird, as I had only ordered some small parts. Two prop-balancers (two, as Friend R. is building his own multicopter, and needed one too), and an adapter connector for the Turnigy Accucell 6 LiPo charger. Upon opening the package, a great deal …

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Props, charger, nuts & bolts

They keep coming now. A perfect storm of parcel deliveries. Two today, and still some more in the pipeline. Before going into detail as to what was in there, here is what one arm of the Quad with motor and prop will look like. The props are fastened onto the engine with ‘propsavers’. Tight rubber …

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Motor Controllers

Another parcel! They seem to be coming fast now! This one contained 5 ESC’s (Electronic Speed Controllers) and a Programming Card. Normally these ESC’s are used to directly translate the throttle signal from the Remote Control to a certain number of RPM’s that the motors need to spin at. With the quad however this is …

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Minor adaptation to the engines

Since I’ve got 5 engines, the Emax CF2822 (5? Yeah, 1 spare) and a frame, but nothing else, I decided to put the engines on the frame, just for fun. Just to see how it would look. Turns out all the engines have a little bit of a problem. The wires coming out of if are positioned …

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Quadcopter pt. 4: The Engines

Yesterday TNT Post had tried to deliver a parcel out of Hong Kong for me, but did not find me at home. Hong Kong, this could mean only one thing: Quadcopter parts! The note TNT left notified me I could pick the parcel up the next working day. This being a Friday, I was kind …

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Quadcopter pt. 3: The Frame!

Today the frame for my first quad arrived. It’s one of the frames of It’s a glass-fiber type which I hope will last me a long time :). Assembling took some time, and the fit of the last part (the top) wasn’t completely perfect, but now it’s finished, waiting for all the electronic gizmo’s …

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Quadcopter pt. 2 (retro-post)

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a 2.4 Ghz Transmitter, because, well, you have to have some means to control your quadcopter. Two weeks ago it arrived from Hong Kong, and I’ve had some time to toy with it, alhough nothing to fly with. This remote control  can be hacked like there is no …

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Quadcopter pt. 1

So.. I decided to build a quadcopter. Lots of stuff to read, lots of stuff to order and lots of stuff to learn. Most parts have been ordered right now and are on their way from Honk Kong (courtesy of Hobby King). I’ll post progress as soon as parts start arriving.