Progress! Almost done (-ish)

We’re almost there! Really! Just some loose ends, but all in all, only one thing is keeping me from flying, and that is a power harness.

The Avionics, the part of the Quad that is doing all the hard stuff to keep the thing under control,  are done:

The Avionics board has been fastened onto the quad:

All of the booms, and on them the soldered engines, ESC’s and power-plugs,  are finished:

And last but not least we (Friend R. and me) build a perfect prop balancer (Design courtesy of R. with some added features of me). The axle on which the prop is mounted, is suspended between two old hard disk magnets, and thus makes physical contact with only one of the two axle ends. This makes for some very low friction setup, which is ideal for balancing propellers:

I already have tested the setup with one engine, and even a single engine with an 8” prop is packing quite a punch. It was also somewhat delightful to have the engine run faster and slower when shaking the Avionics board (the software tries to compensate for the sudden motion, and does this by commanding the attached propellers, a single one in this case) to counteract the movement it perceives via it’s gyroscopes and accelerometers).

What is left now is building the power harness, balance some propellers, possibly also balance the engines (we’ll see if I can hold back from testing the quad that long :)) and if that’s done… have a tethered flight (which means: tie a brick to the bottom so it will not take of never to be seen again afterwards). R. offered me some wire thick enough to carry the current from the batteries to the leads going to the engines, maybe tomorrow we’ll have it hop for the first time, although I guess the chance of that happening is quite small!


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