Props, charger, nuts & bolts

They keep coming now. A perfect storm of parcel deliveries. Two today, and still some more in the pipeline.

Before going into detail as to what was in there, here is what one arm of the Quad with motor and prop will look like. The props are fastened onto the engine with ‘propsavers’. Tight rubber bands dat snap around the props and some screws on the axle of the engine:


As can be seen in the pictures above, these packages contained among things, the propellers, 8×4 CW & CCW, which means they have a diameter of 8” and they are shaped in such a way that one full turn will push them 4” forward. These are both Clockwise and Counter Clockwise spinning props, as I need both:

Also in there, the LiPo Charger, a Turnigy Accucell 6, and, for added security (as LiPo cells can go BOOM) a LiPo charging bag:

As for the nuts & bolts, some bullet connectors for the engines, some locktite and some to-be-constructed-servo-connectors:

What is still missing from this all is the batteries. These are underway, so I should at least be able to test the engines in the not too far distance

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