Running again

So, I turned 39, midlife crisis hit me like a freight train 😉 and I decided to start moving around somewhat more than I had done the last year. Out came the Vibram Five Fingers, Runkeeper on the iPhone and off I went.

Five training sessions later I already hit two of my targets, and all at once: Run a 5K under 30 minutes. I managed to do that all in the very first 5K I ran this time…

Here’s the Runkeeper Track which also contains heart rate data: Runkeeper Data.

Now I’ll have to pick some new challenges. Run this one faster, or run longer (running continuously for 45 minutes would be a nice one now that I think of it…) or I could go running with ‘Zombies, Run!’, which sounds like a lot of fun too!

Anyway, I just wanted to share how awesome I am, self affirmations being one of the key ingredients of Midlife Crisis 🙂 Onwards to the next milestone.


Well, that target (run for 45 minutes continuously) where somehow not ambitious enough. I just ran 10 Km, and did it in 1 hour 12 minutes.  Runkeeper has the goods. Also, check my progress graph.. I might be pushing it a bit too fast, I don’t think the current growth rate is sustainable 🙂

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