Second brain finished.

Since I got too anxious flying the glass fiber frame I bought (for fear of destroying it) I set out to build a second quad, but this time I want the frame to be made from materials that are readily available from hardware store’s, so that, in the event of a fatal crash (fatal for the frame that is) I have a shop that sells spares just a few minutes away.

The Brain however is another matter. Multiwiicopter has some very nice boards and I decided to go for the Paris V4.0 board. These boards are just convenient ‘connect everything together in a more or less orderly way’-helpers, but I did not feel like creating another one myself from breadboard.

For the sensors I decided to go with the namesake of the software that I plan to use on the Quad, which is Multiwii, the Wii part refers to the Wii Motion Plus, which was, and still is one of the main suppliers of gyroscopic sensors for multi-copters. Buy a MW+ and destroy it, use it for something that its makers had not intended it for, that’s the basic idea:

But with just a gyroscope, the quad will not have self-leveling capabilities, which tend to be useful (if calibrated well and trusted enough by the pilot) in case of “wtf, I don’t know what to do now anymore”. Flip a switch and the quad goes into a sort of assisted flight mode, in which it should (emphasis mine) auto-level and sort of stay stable in the air. For this we destroy another fine part out of the Nintendo-stable, the Nunchuk. Open up the device, take out the PCB, saw it in half and voilà, a gyroscope:

This one needs to be soldered up and connected either to the Paris board, or, as I chose to do, to the other Nintendo part, to work in concert and be able to stabilise the quad:

That part is done and confirmed working, movie time!:

Next: built the frame.

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