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Oct 16

On tools, the universe and the LHC

Long time. So update. Upon my realization that, in this space-time continuum it would be forbidden by some quantum effect to drill two holes on the opposite side of a piece of tube (my own personal versions of the elusive Higgs-boson), it was time to get some tools that would enable me to, at least, …

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Aug 21

Almost ready to fly

Well, that was a productive weekend! The second quad, is almost ready to fly. I decided to try something I saw somewhere in a forum, and that is mounting the motors not on top of the arms, but below them. The reasoning behind this is that a propeller can suck air from anywhere it wants, …

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Aug 15

A frame is born

Building of a frame commenced. The basic idea is to use materials readily available from hardware stores, so that in the event of a tree, a head or Planet  Earth intersecting with the flight path, things will be quite easily replaced, at least the frame will be one less thing to worry about. At the …

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Aug 14

Second brain finished.

Since I got too anxious flying the glass fiber frame I bought (for fear of destroying it) I set out to build a second quad, but this time I want the frame to be made from materials that are readily available from hardware store’s, so that, in the event of a fatal crash (fatal for …

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Aug 03

The sound of silence

It’s been somewhat quiet at the Quad front. The reason for this is that I am quite afraid to crash my beautiful frame from Quadframe.com. Because, damn, do I suck at flying :). So, plans have hatched to create another one, but with a simple aluminium X-frame that I can go out and buy more of …

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Jul 11

Trimming helped!

After having trimmed the quad, all seems to be quite a lot more controllable. Apart from some glitches in the pilot (who now and then panics and just closes the throttle, turning the quad into an expensive brick), and a possible glitch in stable-mode (after a while it seems to lose calibration and just drift …

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Jul 03

Progress! Almost done (-ish)

We’re almost there! Really! Just some loose ends, but all in all, only one thing is keeping me from flying, and that is a power harness. The Avionics, the part of the Quad that is doing all the hard stuff to keep the thing under control,  are done: The Avionics board has been fastened onto …

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Jun 28

Size impression & Todo list

While there is still quite a lot to do, at least the frame, engines and props can be fitted together to get an impression of how big the beast is going to be. Turns out it’s actually quite big. To give an idea of the actual size: The tiles on which the quad is standing …

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Jun 21

Motor Controllers

Another parcel! They seem to be coming fast now! This one contained 5 ESC’s (Electronic Speed Controllers) and a Programming Card. Normally these ESC’s are used to directly translate the throttle signal from the Remote Control to a certain number of RPM’s that the motors need to spin at. With the quad however this is …

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Jun 20

Minor adaptation to the engines

Since I’ve got 5 engines, the Emax CF2822 (5? Yeah, 1 spare) and a frame, but nothing else, I decided to put the engines on the frame, just for fun. Just to see how it would look. Turns out all the engines have a little bit of a problem. The wires coming out of if are positioned …

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