On tools, the universe and the LHC

Long time. So update.

Upon my realization that, in this space-time continuum it would be forbidden by some quantum effect to drill two holes on the opposite side of a piece of tube (my own personal versions of the elusive Higgs-boson), it was time to get some tools that would enable me to, at least, get as close to that situation as possible (my own personal LHC, for use in my quest to find my own personal Higgs-boson). And so, here she is, and as far as I can see, she has only one drawback, she is noisy and will wake up the children and the neighbours when I make her work:

First results are promising in that I have one of the new motors mounted, and it seems that not only are the holes almost exactly opposite to each other, they are also in the right place! Three arms and a lot of soldering to go, but after that, I just might be in time for some flights again!



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