True Barefooting?

So… I started running again, and not without success as it seems. Within a couple of weeks I managed multiple 10K’s in just over the hour (first one: 1h 12min, second one: 1h 4min, third one, a one hour run landed me 600 meters short of the 10K). All of this in Vibram FiveFingers Sprints.


Then I read ‘Born to run‘ by Chris McDougal. In about three days I had read it cover to cover. One suggestion: Read  it! But after I finished it, I wanted more, so I hit the web and found the book ‘Barefoot running, step by step‘ by Barefoot Ken Bob (you don’t make up these names ;)) in which the case is made for complete barefoot running.

I decided to give it a try, and so far, after two short complete barefoot runs, with a technique that is still somewhat alien to me (bend knees, high frequency, short distances, for now) I took some runs on the path around the little lake we have here

It is by no means a smooth and even road. But this seems to help getting the technique just right. You force yourself to land very gently, you force yourself to bend the knees, and your feet, they’ll keep themselves warm, at least that’s the sensation you get from running on a very gritty road.


So far, I like it very much. I started to notice some pain in the ankle joints while running in the Vibrams, probably from a too fast progression and an imperfect technique. This I hope to remedy by getting the technique perfected while running real barefoot, which really makes it almost impossible to overdo it distance and speed wise. So, for the coming period: no very long distances, but more short excursions on my real true bare feet.

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